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Why Invest


We established the Pakistan Fund in response to interest from those international investors, particularly those who are part of the Pakistani diaspora around the world, who are looking for a mechanism by which they could take advantage of opportunities in the region. Qualified and accredited general investors are also welcome to invest.

At the Pakistan Fund, we understand Pakistan, thanks to a history there, which has resulted in a rich professional network of relationships, as well as an ongoing presence on the ground. We manage risk tightly to provide you with strong risk-adjusted results, only taking risks where we firmly believe they will be well-rewarded, allowing you to benefit from above-market returns.
Because of our extensive experience in the region, we are well-positioned to take an extremely intensive hands-on approach when managing our investments. We manage the Fund always with an awareness of your income requirements. Our operational support teams have the skills and expertise to oversee functional areas of the businesses in order to protect the Fund’s investments. As a result, risk is managed and we are able to achieve above-average returns.